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Port of Livorno: ok to the night entry ships up to 300 meters


/admin/news/N007174_marzocco.jpg 	Thanks to new lighting system access channel.

From today it will be possible to enter the port of Livorno at night for ships up to 300 meters with increased draft. This is due to the new provisions of the Livorno Harbor Office, following the construction of the port lighting system at the bank of the access channel, Marzocco tower side, by the Port Authority. Plant that actually started the third phase of the path taken by the commander of the port, Giuseppe Tarzia, started with the issuance of new regulations for the maneuvers of the large ships directed to the dockings of the Tuscany Dock and continued with the revision of the tariffs of the service trailer.


Already from this first stage of realization, the lighting system and the experimentation carried out by the pilots of the port, have allowed to review the limits of draft and time for maneuvers in port. The provisions issued today by the Maritime Authority, therefore, allow entry at night, previously not allowed for some classes of ships, and, above all, a substantial increase in draft, up to 1.25 meters. To benefit from the provision - it is explained in a note of the harbor office - will be in particular the ships 'class Panamax' (up to 300 meters of length and 35 meters of width) that represent almost 50% of the mercantile traffic destined to the terminals of the Tuscany dock (data of 2017), with positive reflections on load capacity. The decision adopted - it is emphasized in the note - represents a further benefit for traffic, in view of the consolidated concept of the so-called "productive security", now necessary to combine safety, growth, competitiveness and ability to attract of the labronic port.


The next phase that will be implemented with the implementation of lighting on the side of the access channel, the Magnale side, and on the Tripoli quay, will see the complete revision of the order that regulates the maneuvers of large ships in the port of Livorno.



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